Maintenance Contracts

Secure Your Business Operations with Our Comprehensive Maintenance Contracts

Why Fast Technology?

Expert Maintenance Services Tailored to Your Office Needs​

We simplify this process for you with our customisable maintenance contracts designed to keep your business running smoothly.​

Maintaining office equipment and infrastructure can be complex and time-consuming. ​

What's included in a Maintenance Contract?

Equipment Inspections

Visual Inspections: Regularly scheduled checks to ensure all equipment is functioning correctly.

Internal Diagnostics: Running software diagnostics to detect any hidden issues.

Performance Testing: Ensuring that all hardware meets expected performance levels.

Software Updates​

Security Patches: Timely installation of security updates to protect your systems.

Version Upgrades: Keeping your software up to date with the latest features.

Custom Configurations: Adjusting software settings to optimize performance.

Emergency Support

24/7 Hotline: Immediate assistance, any time of day.

Remote Troubleshooting: Quick fixes over the phone or through remote desktop support.

On-Site Support: For complex issues, our technicians will come to you.

The benefits


Our technicians are trained and certified, offering top-notch service.


We respond promptly to emergencies and adhere to scheduled visits.


Tailor your maintenance contract to fit the specific needs of your business.


No hidden fees or surprise charges—just straightforward, quality service.

Don't Leave Your Business to Chance. Secure Your Operations Today.​

Maintenance doesn’t have to be a hassle. Lynne is your dedicated expert for setting up a comprehensive maintenance contract tailored to your business’s unique needs.