Cloud Services

Unlock Seamless Productivity with Our Cloud-Based Solution.

Why Fast Technology?

In today's world of remote and flexible work setups, seamless productivity is a must. That's where our cloud-based solution, inspired by the Xerox® Workflow Central (WFC) platform, comes into play. ​

WFC simplifies the process of converting both physical and digital files into workable formats, making it accessible from a range of devices—be it PCs, tablets, mobiles, or multifunction printers.

Introducing Xerox Workflow Central

Unstoppable productivity wherever work happens.

Work will never be the same again. In fact, it’ll be better than ever.

Explore the workings of our Cloud-Based Workflow Solution

Step 1

Log in

Log in to our cloud platform from any device you’re using—whether it’s a PC, tablet, mobile device, or multifunction printer.

Step 2

Select your Task

Choose the workflow task you need to perform, such as file conversion, translation, or redaction.

Step 3

Upload Your Document

Upload the digital or physical document that you need to work on. Our platform supports a variety of file formats.

Step 4

Automated Processing

Our platform takes over from here, automatically converting, translating, or redacting your document as required.

Step 5

Instant Transformation

Your document is instantly transformed into the desired format or modified according to your selected task.

Step 6

Secure Storage and Retrieval

The processed document is securely stored in the cloud. You can access it anytime from any device.

Key Features


Lets you be effective and productive anytime, anywhere. Seamlessly switch between locations, devices and formats


Meets process needs on the fly. Ensure documents are in the ideal format and ready for the next steps.


Keeps content safe while working and sharing outside and inside the office infrastructure thanks to Microsoft Azure security intelligence.


Subscriptions that allow unlimited users in your organisation to access a library of workflow services on unlimited devices instantly.

Ready to Streamline Your Document Workflows?

Transforming your document management doesn’t have to be complicated. Lynne is your go-to expert for implementing our cloud-based workflow solution, designed to make document processing efficient and hassle-free.