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What is Xerox DocuShare Flex

Content Management Made Simple!

DocuShare® Flex is a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) application, to help you easily manage and organise content. Flex has everything you need to manage your business effectively. 

Plus, it can scale upward so that you add users, storage and solutions as your business grows. 

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How Can DocuShare Flex Help You

Easily manage and organise your business content


  • Quickly add documents, files and business content
  • Capture in one step from MFPs to the cloud
  • Work from anywhere via a secure, mobile-friendly interface
  • Use a powerful search capability to find information in seconds

Automate your business processes quickly


  • Create user-driven workflows simply
  • Set up business rules to automate and drive common processes, then save and reapply these rules to other departments

Integrate with your company MFPs and applications


  • Works seamlessly with the latest Xerox® ConnectKey® multifunction printers (MFPs) to scan and digitise your paper documents
  • Connect to company applications like ERP, Accounts Payable and HR systems

Deploy it quickly – no installation, get started immediately


  • Deploy in days, not months, with little to no IT support or training needed
  • Scale easily to meet changes in user numbers, storage space and specific process requirements

Add special licensing or security features


  • Choose between subscription options, with named or concurrent user licensing
  • Automatically encrypt content to protect personally identifiable information (PII) with the Encryption add-on

Capture module for imaging, workflow and collaboration

What are you doing to tackle the paper in your office – such as HR files, paper invoices and letters? Capturing and extracting data from paper documents is one of the key challenges of digital transformation.

Capture for DocuShare Flex is an add-on for on-demand capture and classification of documents that provides:

  • Easy capture and indexing of documents from Xerox MFPs, mobile devices or file systems, via upload or drag-and-drop
  • Automatic, cloud-based OCR in all languages
  • Lasso metadata selection, annotations, and redactions to support privacy
  • Delivery of captured documents into validation and approval workflows

DocuShare Flex introduces an all-new secure and configurable SaaS platform that features:

  • A modern, highly simplified user experience
  • Efficient task interface with integrated document viewing and annotation
  • Advanced search engine for fast search and retrieval of content
  • New permission model for secure access
  • High capacity, storing hundreds of millions of documents
  • Convenient, secure Microsoft® Azure® cloud hosting
  • Comprehensive lifecycle management, automation, and integrated capture in one solution

What are the requirements? DocuShare Flex is cloud-based, and requires just a browser

  • Apple Safari: latest on OSX and iOS
  • Google Chrome: latest (recommended)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

DocuShare Flex is available in English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

DocuShare Flex Makes Your Business More Efficient



Finding content has never been easier. DocuShare Flex searches the content of documents and the properties assigned to documents.  

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Email documents from DocuShare Flex to share content with others, with just a couple clicks. You can send the actual document, a link to it or a compressed archive.  

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Add Content


Adding content to DocuShare Flex is simple. In a single “Files” area, you add folders and then drag and drop documents to your folders, adding metadata if you wish.  

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Need to make changes to a document or create a new version? Use “Checkout” to lock and then edit your document. When you’re done, simply upload the revised document as a new version.  

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Manage Tasks


Flex makes it easy to keep your tasks on track. All of your assigned tasks are available in one view, by clicking My Tasks. Click a task to open it and then review, approve or reject.  

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Annotate and Redact


Add annotations such as comments and highlights, and hide sensitive information quickly and easily without changing the original document. At any time you can make the changes permanent, which saves the document as a new version.  

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Capture documents from many sources to the cloud, with simple, integrated OCR, viewing, annotation and classification – letting you do quick digitisation directly into office workflows.  

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