Stock Control Software

Fast Technology deliver comprehensive stock control for complete stock management Fulfilling customer requirements accurately, efficiently and on time, is high on the list of priorities for every company. With stock control at the heart of how effectively and profitably this is achieved, it is vital to choose software with comprehensive stock management that integrates end to end with all other aspects of company operations. 

Regardless of what stock the business sells, how it is used or sold, where that stock is held or in how many different locations, Fast Technology provides companies with the comprehensive stock control they need. Stock visibility allows staff to quickly find the information they need, with in-depth stock control functionality meaning that daily tasks are efficiently performed. Stock level optimisation is easily and accurately maintained, with OrderWise providing all the tools for effective stock management.  What’s more, Our stock control system also provides full batch & serial trace-ability along with expiry date control to meet even the most stringent industry requirements.

Asset Tracking Software


Do you know how many assets your company has? What condition they are in or where they are located? Who or what department is using them? Fixed asset management is a critical component of effective resource allocation. Fast Technology asset tracking software makes monitoring and reporting easier for you and your organisation.

Our comprehensive and powerful barcode and Barcode and RFID solution enables you to: Easily tag and track asset movements, Take physical inventories, See what’s lost, missing or moved, Give your employees the freedom and flexibility, Every asset tracker on your team can access the information via any laptop, tablet or mobile device to perform the tasks they need to stay productive, We’ve helped thousands of customers in many industries improve their asset management processes.

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