Optimise your IT assets and resources with Device as a Service (DaaS), a solution that combines hardware, insightful analytics, proactive management, and device lifecycle services. 

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One contract, One monthly payment

Boost employee productivity and IT efficiency with world-class computing solutions from HP DaaS.

Get  everything you need from hardware and accessories to life-cycle  services and support, with one contract and a fixed price per device.

No  Capital expenditure required, Impress the entire organisation with  devices hand-selected for the way they work— regardless of OS.

With HP DaaS, your device and accessory mix can be tailored to the unique needs of each team member.

Multi brand, Multi platform, Multi OS

Over the challenges of multi-platform environments by the addition of  personal devices entering the workplace has challenged businesses to  maintaining a secure and manageable IT environment.

Multiple  operating systems and a variance of devices has made it more difficult  to accurately assess the status of the IT environment.

HP DaaS simplifies these challenges by managing a diverse assortment of desktops, workstations and mobile devices.

Managed, Secured & Always up to Date

It’s no surprise that ensuring security of devices and data is of the utmost concern for companies and it’s not just limited to traditional computers. 

Malware on mobile devices is an increasing concern for IT managers and the  financial impact alone, is tremendous. When there is a breach, companies can have financial impacts in the millions of dollars and risk  relationships with the customers they serve. 

On average, a security breach can cost companies nearly £3M with more than half (57%) of companies having had some level of security breach in the  past 12 months. In 2016, there were 350 thousand attacks arriving EVERY day.

Tailor your DaaS plan with Lifecycle Services

1. Discover and Design

2. Configure

3. Deploy

4. Optimise

5. Maintain 

6. Dispose and Refresh

In addition to the three plans that deliver the essentials for computing  solution support and management, HP provides a full portfolio of  services that span the entire device lifecycle. 

From  consulting to put the right plans in place and deployment, setup, and  asset tagging to providing workplace services to support users, and  secure disposal and device refresh at end of use.

Tailor your Daas plan with a range of Support plans

The analytics and proactive management tools along with the  features included in the Standard, Enhanced and Premium Plan, can aid  to free up IT bandwidth and improve IT efficiency. 

Tailor with HP Analytics & Proactive Managment

Analytics and Proactive Management has been developed in order for  customers to be able to manage their entire fleet (HP and non-HP PCs;  Windows, iOS, Android and Assets) within the Device Life-cycle from a  single pane of glass. 

APM will cover the Technicalities around Lifecycle Management